Business Areas

Industrial production

GELEX currently manufactures and supplies a full set of products in the electrical segment value chain from transmission to distribution and civil use with famous brands such as CADIVI, THIBIDI, EMIC, HEM with preeminent features, energy saving and environmental friendliness.

Industrial production
Industrial production, in which electrical equipment production and trading is the traditional business in GELEX’s ecosystem. GELEX owns reputable brands, competes equally with the world’s leading brands with many product lines in the segment of electrical equipment such as: CADIVI power cables, THIBIDI transformers, EMIC electrical measuring equipment, HEM motor, etc. With outstanding product quality, and meeting strict international standards, on the way of development, GELEX’s brand names in electrical equipment have been affirming its leading position in Vietnam, receiving the trust and support of consumers, partners as well as investors.
Thanks to intensive investment in improving production capacity, modernizing technology, and gradually applying modern management software at member units, the overall production capacity of electrical equipment segment is on the increase, the product lines of electrical equipment are increasingly diversified, in line with the development trend, and able to meet the various needs of customers. The technologies that GELEX and its member units aim for are energy-saving and environment-friendly technologies, which not only aim to increase a sustainable competitive advantage for businesses, but also aim to preserve the environment for future generations.
In addition, GELEX intends to expand investment in the operation of power generation projects/plants, penetrate into the electricity trading market to increase stable income in the long term.