Business Areas


GELEX's Infrastructure Segment includes: Investment and development in the energy segment; real estate industrial parks and social housing; building materials; production and supply of clean water, etc.

In the segment of energy, GELEX orients to invest and develop clean energy projects such as wind power, solar power, hydroelectricity, etc.

In the segment of industrial real estate, through its member units, GELEX orients to develop industrial real estate including investment in social housing, housing for experts/workers, etc. in order to increase the utility of the products provided as well as actively contribute to the social security work in the locality. Along with that, in the vicinity of the industrial park, affordable and suitable housing projects that meet the high needs of local workers will also be researched, invested and developed in order to exploit the potential of this market segment while increasing the value of contributions to the community.

In the segment of building materials, building segment products such as sanitary equipment, energy-saving glass, building glass, ceramic tiles, tiles, adobe materials, etc. bringing national brands – Viglacera – are supplied throughout Vietnam and exported to 40 countries and territories around the world. This is also one of the segments which the Group is proud to have a leading brand in Vietnam.

In the segment of clean water production and supply, through its member units, the Group’s clean water production and supply segment is providing clean water to serve a quarter of the needs of Hanoi city. The Group intends to continue investing in increasing factory capacity to meet the increasing demand according to socio-economic development.