Senior Investment Analyst


JOB LOCATIONS: GELEX Tower, 52 Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.


  • Conducting research, evaluation, appraisal, and presentation of project investment opportunities; Performing a comprehensive assessment of project feasibility and effectiveness across financial, legal, technical/construction, and operational aspects…
  • Developing/coordinating the establishment and execution of the financial structure for the project (including equity and loan capital); Actively engaging in securing capital/loans for the project and overseeing/supporting the disbursement process.
  • Engaging in the execution of investment projects, and overseeing assigned investment portfolios (including M&A, divestment, asset/portfolio restructuring, …).
  • Participating in/coordinating the analysis and evaluation of macroeconomics, industries, and other financial and investment activities within the Group.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by management.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Investment, Construction, or a related field.
  • Substantial expertise in investment and project investment; Proficient in modeling/project valuation and experienced in securing capital for projects.
  • With 04 years of experience in Financial Analysis, Auditing, Appraisal and evaluation of investment projects, Arranging capital for projects, Investment Banking.
  • Strong analytical, synthesis, and evaluation skills; Excellent organizational abilities; Capable of working independently and collaboratively.
  • Open-mindedness, independence, and objectivity; Agile with a strategic vision; Able to handle work pressure; Diligent and receptive to advice.
  • Proficient in English and strong communication skills.


  • Salary: Negotiable based on qualifications and ability.
  • Performance-based rewards, holiday allowances, vacations, and training opportunities.
  • Full benefits in accordance with labor laws.
  • Aon Care health insurance.
  • Opportunity to work in a professional and friendly environment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Excellent opportunities to work in a dynamic, entrepreneurial setting.
  • Direct interaction with the company’s leadership team and major domestic and international business partners.
  • Exposure to exciting investment, divestment, and restructuring deals.
  • A merit-based environment where talent can advance rapidly.

CONTACTS: Interested candidates for the above position should send their CV to