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GELEX comprehends that the most valuable asset of the Corporation is people and believes in each individual’s development closely related to the sustainable development of the business. Our strategy of human resources development to improve the high quality of employees has been identified by GELEX’s Board of Directors as one of GELEX’s top priority areas, reflected through staff remuneration policies and training programs, promotion roadmap at work.

When you become a member of GELEX, you do not only achieve a job, but a career. At any position at GELEX, we always open up opportunities for advancement so that each individual can learn to develop continuously, thereby enhancing his own value. An open working environment is made up of loving colleagues, inspiring and visionary leaders. The training programs are tailored to each position, through the form of internal training and in coordination with reputable training organizations.

When you become a member of GELEX, in addition to enjoying competitive and the most updated remuneration, you also enjoy additional remuneration policies for employees such as: employee preference stock program (ESOP), comprehensive health insurance, bonuses and gifts on holidays during the year, special remuneration policies for female employees, child care program, annual vacation and teambuilding, etc.

We are always looking for potential people who are willing to contribute to innovation and towards long-term sustainable development in the future. If you are interested in the opportunity to work for a leading Vietnam Holdings Company, please leave your information, GELEX Human Resources Department will keep and contact you when there are suitable vacancies.

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