CADIVI added VCMO product features

With the goal of improving product quality to serve customers and consumers comprehensively, CADIVI Company – a member unit of GELEX Group has always researched and updated to apply new technologies in production, which has brought consumers the best products.

In order to continue to bring more advanced features to CADIVI electrical cable products, our company would like to inform our Agents & Customers as follows:

  • From July 15, 2022 the VCmo product line would be added with the following new features:
    • Soft housing, easier to tear than before, helping to create more favorable conditions for construction and installation.
    • The color of the coil will also be more prominent, making it easier for customers and agents to identify products.
  • The quality of VCmo products with the additional feature as well as previously producedVCmo products are in accordance with Vietnam Standard: TCVN 6610-5 equivalent to European standard: IEC 60227-5.

CADIVI company would like to confirm that the addition of these new features will not affect the quality of CADIVI branded products that have been trusted so far. This change is only to add features to the product, create favorable conditions for consumers as well as construction and installation units, in accordance with the criteria of our CADIVI Company to always bring customers the best products.