Funding the renovation of Stroke Centre at Bach Mai Hospital of GELEX Group

The expansion of the Stroke Centre contributes to improving the quality of care and treatment for patients in the context of the increasing number of stroke cases in Vietnam. 

The renovation project of the Stroke Centre, Bach Mai Hospital started in September 2023, all funding was sponsored by GELEX Group. The project was newly built and expanded to 3 floors, on a total floor area of ​​nearly 300 m2, with many modern patient rooms and 10 beds.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the Stroke Centre renovation project on the afternoon of May 6 at Bach Mai Hospital.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Hien – Chairman of the Board of Directors of GELEX Group expressed his joy and pride that the Group had the opportunity to accompany the country’s leading medical facility in a meaningful activity, serving the examination and treatment of stroke patients.

Mr. Hien shared: “Accompanying in the work of renovating and upgrading the Stroke Center, Bach Mai Hospital is a seamless activity and associated with the Group. Besides production, business and investment activities, GELEX Group has always accompanied social responsibility, especially social security work in recent years. In particular, the Group focuses on prioritizing two main areas: education and health”.

Associate Professor, Dr. Mai Duy Ton – Director of at Stroke Centre of Bach Mai Hospital, currently, the number of stroke patients coming to the Centre has increased over the years. In 2023, doctors will receive 13,228 people, an increase of more than 2,000 cases compared to the previous year, about 8% of whom are young people. On average each day, the unit receives 50-55 patients, with peak days reaching 60 patients, the number of patients is getting younger and younger.

The addition of 10 beds has helped the Centre increase the number of beds to 55 patients. With 10 beds installed according to modern standards, there will be an additional 3,600 patients treated in emergency care each year, meaning that more patients can be saved and their sequela are limited. Associate Professor, Dr. Mai Duy Ton affirmed: “With increased area and hospital beds, the Stroke Centre will have more conditions to improve the quality of patient treatment and training for doctors at lower levels”.

Visit stroke patients treated at the Centre.

Acknowledging the support from GELEX Group, Associate Professor Dr. Dao Xuan Co – Director of Bach Mai Hospital said: “The number of people with strokes coming to the Centre is increasing, but the financial resources of Hospital are still difficult, so the support of GELEX Group to build this project is very important, helping the Hospital provide emergency care and promptly treat more patients. Emergency treatment time is golden, so adding more rooms and beds will help many patients have the opportunity to be saved.”

Associate Professor Dr. Dao Xuan Co – Director of Bach Mai Hospital presented a souvenir to Mr. Nguyen Trong Hien – Chairman of GELEX Group.

Bach Mai Hospital is a leading prestigious unit in medical examination and treatment for people across the country. The hospital has a long tradition of development for more than a century with a team of highly specialized doctors, nurses, and caregivers who are passionate about their profession. Through funding and accompanying Bach Mai Hospital in renovating the Stroke Centre, GELEX Group wishes to contribute to improving the quality of treatment and people’s health care. Besides, joining hands to contribute to community development is a mission that GELEX has been and will continue to carry out.

Source: Vietnamnet