GELEX and FPT collaborate to promote holistic digital transformation

GELEX Group and FPT Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding on June 11, 2024, in Hanoi, on the subject of working together to advance comprehensive digital transformation, improve the effectiveness of both parties’ business operations, and help develop the country’s economy.

GELEX and FPT are specifically expected to collaborate in four areas: Comprehensive digital transformation operations at the Group level for GELEX member companies; Implement telecommunications infrastructure for GELEX’s real estate projects (residential area, office building, and industrial park); Investment collaboration in the implementation of Data Center projects; Cooperation in the semiconductor field: Build facilities to support research and development activities, and invite eminent scholars to visit Vietnam to further this field’s study.

GELEX and FPT leaders attend the Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony on June 11, 2024.

This collaboration allows the two sides to maximize their potentials, assist each other’s growth in the Vietnamese and international markets, open up new chances for promising fields, and attract investment cooperation from global partners.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Trong Hien, Chairman of the GELEX Group Board of Directors, stated, “Extensive digital transformation, converting data into fuel, is one of GELEX’s key strategies. It is a pleasure for GELEX to collaborate with FPT, an international-class Vietnamese technology company.”

Mr. Nguyen Trong Hien, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GELEX Group, spoke during the cooperation agreement signing ceremony.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Hien affirmed: “In 2023, the goal of creating a partner ecosystem with prominent multinationalcorporation (domestic and foreign) has yielded several excellent results, including collaboration with Frasers Property and Sembcorp Industries. GELEX will continue to pursue this approach in 2024 and towards in order to integrate the Group into global value chains, grow and improve higher-added value product segments for core areas, encourage exports, and strive to be the top investment group in Vietnam. GELEX believes that, with its strengths in technology capacity, consultation, and implementation of digital transformation for global partners on the foundation of possessing quality resources and with the vision of FPT leaders, this collaboration will help GELEX successfully and effectively perform comprehensive transformation, creating motivation for GELEX to confidently implement planned strategies and open up many new investment opportunities in the field of digital infrastructure, semiconductor industry, etc. that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

Speaking about the collaboration with GELEX Group, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, General Director of FPT Corporation, stated: “FPT Corporation has just celebrated 36th anniversary of the establishment and operates in three areas: Technology, Telecommunications, and Education. After the first three months of 2024, FPT’s expected revenue is 14,093 billion VND, with a pre-tax profit of 2,534 billion VND, up 20.6% and 19.5%, respectively, over the same time in 2023. Currently, the corporation employs 76,000 people across 30 countries. FPT has met its goal of double-digit sustainable growth over the last five years. When working together, we discovered that GELEX performs significant works and has things in common with FPT, particularly the shared objective of a green future. The FPT strategy focuses on five areas: Artificial intelligence (AI), Semiconductors, Automotive Software, Digital Transformation, and Green Transformation. FPT expects that the signing ceremony today will be the beginning of a long journey for the two of us to collaborate, grow together, and contribute to the country.”

Additionally, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa hopes that by working together, the two companies would be able to offer services and products that are appropriate for each other’s ecosystems. Specifically, the corporate cultures of FPT and GELEX will be shared, encouraging innovation based on their core beliefs. FPT will use the experiences and effective formulas amassed from significant projects to support GELEX’s objectives and aid in the significant transition.

At the moment, FPT is a top global consultant and supplier of green transformation and digital transformation solutions for businesses worldwide. FPT has pioneered, innovated, and promoted its core competency of technology with a desire to create happiness, offering useful values and joyfulness to customers, businesses, and the country over the past 36 years.

FPT Corporation has had an initial collaboration with GELEX Group since 2017, providing information technology services, security equipment, data storage systems (CMS), office digitization projects, human resource management process digitization projects, and cloud computing system consultation, etc. for GELEX.