GELEX Electric introduces a series of new products with superior technology

Like previous Vietnam ETE and Enertec Expo events, GELEX Electric always takes the lead in showcasing modern and superior electrical equipment products, which are the results of R&D processes and investments in advanced technology.

Participating in the Vietnam ETE and Enertec Expo in Ho Chi Minh City from July 19th to 21st, alongside traditional products, GELEX Electric – a member of the GELEX Group and its subsidiaries, launches a range of new products to customers.

Modern booth of GELEX Electric

These products are all invested in product research, technology, focusing on quality, aesthetics, energy-saving, and environmental protection. Especially, as a leading enterprise in the electricity segment, the introduction of superior products will enhance GELEX Electric’s competitiveness, affirming its brand and reputation in the segment.

Notable products this year include the EVC electric vehicle charging cable and the superheater cable ACCC® aluminum composite core; anti-ferromagnetic devices, aluminum housing electric motors, and high-efficiency transformers.

Electrical cables of CADIVI

Regarding electrical cables, the EVC electric vehicle charging cable and the superheater cable ACCC® aluminum composite core from Vietnam Electrical Cable Joint Stock Company (CADIVI) have attracted special attention from customers.

The EVC charging cable is used to transmit charging current and link information between electric vehicles and charging stations, complying with international standard BS EN 50620, fully suitable for electric vehicle charging stations in Vietnam as well as in Europe and the United States. The cable has outstanding features such as durability, flexibility, resistance to oil/chemicals, water resistance (not submerged in water all the time), UV radiation resistance, and installation and operation in environments down to -40 °C, etc.

In addition, CADIVI also introduces the superheater cable ACCC® aluminum composite core. With high technology content, environmentally friendly, there are many outstanding advantages compared to traditional ACSR steel core aluminum cables, used in 110kV, 220kV, 500kV high voltage power transmission systems, this product would help resolve existing problems of the power system such as power loss, system overload.

This product line is authorized for production and business by CTC Global, a US-based corporation.

Measuring devices of EMIC

For measuring devices, EMIC Electrical Measuring Instruments Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of GELEX Electric, introduces the FD-01 anti-ferromagnetic device. This device helps eliminate/minimize unwanted overvoltage pulses and counteract iron resonance oscillations in medium-voltage current transformer measuring substations, protecting the measuring transformers from adverse effects from the power grid. It is a high-tech, compact, easy-to-install product suitable for all types of current transformer measuring substations.

This is a new product produced by EMIC’s research. In addition, the company also introduces its main products such as current transformers, transformers, metering current transformers, combined measurement transformers, etc.

HEM has introduced electric motors.

Regarding electric motors, Hanoi Electrical Mechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HEM) has introduced aluminum housing electric motors that are patented to extend the lifespan, and it is easy to replace components during repairs or maintenance. By applying high-pressure casting technology and using bearings from world-renowned brands, the product operates steadily and durably over time.

Additionally, the new manufacturing technology helps the motor save energy efficiently, reducing significant costs when used. The premium paint coating protects the motor in harsh environments such as high humidity, dust, chemicals, saltwater, etc.

As for the transformer product, THIBIDI leads in the level of recognition and usage

As for the transformer product, THIBIDI Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company leads in the level of recognition and usage, with a market share of 1 in Vietnam (according to the survey of the Association of High Quality Vietnamese Goods Enterprises). Collaborating with Hitachi Metals Japan Group, THIBIDI has successfully developed a high-performance MBA series using non-oriented core material (Amorphous – AMDT), with a capacity ranging from 15kVA to 3,200 kVA, reducing no-load losses by up to 70% compared to traditional products, significantly reducing CO2 emissions, and contributing to protecting the environment.

In the upcoming period, GELEX Group aims to maintain and increase market share for its electrical equipment units in the domestic market with established brand products, and at the same time seek opportunities to expand export markets; Promote R&D and cooperate with prestigious partners to produce new products with high technology content; R&D product, search for alternative raw materials, arrange the personnel apparatus and management system to optimize production and business costs, etc. in order to improve the competitiveness of traditional products, and at the same time invest in modernizing production and increasing capacity in line with products that are well received by the market.

Communications Department, GELEX Group