GELEX received 3 National Brand titles at once

On the evening of December 20, at the Hanoi Opera House, 97 businesses with products that achieved the National Brand were honored by the National Brand Council. Among them were the Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation and 2 member units. This was the only corporation with up to 3 units honored in the ceremony.

Gelex system has accounted for 3/97 of National Brands

Along with parent company Gelex, two member units, Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (Cadivi) and Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company (Thibidi) were honored with National Brand in the period 2018 – 2020. In 2018, only 97 out of 700,000 Vietnamese enterprises operating and doing business, had products meeting national standards, of which the Gelex system accounted for 3 out of 97 of these titles. This was also the 3rd time in a row, Gelex was proud and honored to be recognized as a National Brand (from 2014 to now); Cadivi was the 6th (from 2008 to now) and Thibidi was the 2nd (from 2016 to now).

The Vietnam National Brand Program was approved by the Prime Minister in 2003 and this was the only program of the Government to promote the image of the country and the national brand through product brands (goods and services). The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Industry to be the standing agency, responsible for coordinating with ministries and branches to implement the program.

Awareness of the importance of National Brands

Sharing why the Gelex system has 3 honored units, Gelex leaders said: “Gelex identifies the National Brand as a reputable and prestigious title, proving the quality of the products that are sustainable in the domestic market and overseas development. Therefore, the company always focuses resources on developing products and services achieving this title. Representing Vietnam Value is not a brand award, but rather a recognition of the Government and the appreciation of the consumer community for Gelex’s products and services. It is also a bridge that helps Gelex promote its brands and products domestically and internationally”.

The determination to concentrate resources, the sustainable development strategy to create high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, which was one of the prerequisites for the Gelex system to have 3 units out of less than 100 enterprises nationwide. It must be added that Vietnam currently had hundreds of thousands of businesses operating, so Gelex and 2 member units were honored in this 2018, which was very proud.

Product quality is the core

The most important thing for a National Brand is product quality. The ultimate purpose of each brand is to bring the best use value and experience to customers. “Gelex committed to providing customers with high-quality products through modern technological solutions and outstanding services” – that is the core mission of Gelex and the entire system of Gelex subsidiaries following strictly.

Over the years, Gelex broke through and grew strongly. Gelex was known as a leader in the electrical equipment segment, aiming to complete the electricity segment ecosystem including power generation, power transmission, electricity distribution and consumption from low, medium to high voltage. In addition to promoting internal growth, Gelex was also targeting the export market with the label “made in Vietnam” such as Cadivi, Thibidi, Emic, Hem, etc. Gelex was operating in 4 main areas including Technology, Utilities (energy and clean water), Logictics and Real Estate represented by 4 subsidiaries including Gelex Electrics LTD, Gelex Energy LTD, Gelex Logistics LTD and Gelex Land LTD.

With the model of a corporation with industrial production as the core, the parent Gelex company has directed to focus on building the R&D team at Gelex Electric, building a technology fund throughout the system to encourage creative thinking, and at the same time developing new high-voltage products that are currently dependent on imports.

The modern management model with members of the Board of Directors in charge of each business segment and the strategy of placing R&D work in the whole group as a central part was a strength that helped Gelex to produce good products and services meeting market needs and user tastes.

Achieving the National Brands has been the pride and great responsibility of the parent Gelex as well as the 2 member companies. In the coming time, Gelex hoped that many member companies in its system would also achieve National Brand. Gelex and its member units committed to maintaining the National Brand, at the same time continued to improve and maintain product quality, constantly innovated, created, applied technical improvements and advanced technology to produce better products and services to meet the needs of the market. In addition, Gelex also focused on improving the pioneering position of its business and its segment in the domestic and foreign markets, to deserve the role of representative, typical for Vietnam National Brand.