Viglacera participated in the Forum “Prospects for Infrastructure Investment and Economic Development of the Mekong Delta”: Towards sustainable development

On June 10, in Can Tho, Viglacera Corporation – JSC participated in the “Prospects for Infrastructure Investment – Economic Development of the Mekong Delta (MD)” Forum organized by Construction Newspaper (Ministry of Construction). The forum attracted the attention of numerous businesses, economic experts, and local departments/divisions.

The Ministry of Construction, in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Can Tho City, organized the “Prospects for Infrastructure Investment – Economic Development of the Mekong Delta” forum, attracting the participation of ministries, departments, 500 experts, businesses, and investors from interested parties.

At the forum, Viglacera, with its position as one of the leading Vietnamese companies in the production of building materials and real estate investment and business, will bring technology solutions, strengths, key products such as sanitary ware, floor tiles, energy-saving glass, etc., along with outstanding features, suitable for all projects and purposes.

With nearly 50 years of experience in building and developing, Viglacera is evaluated not only as a typical representative pioneering in green building materials production but also as one of the few companies that meet strict international market standards.

In the Southern market, with the MD being a potential market, Viglacera has been penetrating deeply in recent years with many activities related to research, producing suitable products, brand promotion activities to elevate its brand position in the market.

Especially in 2023, Viglacera focuses on developing and optimizing the Southern market, reforming management processes, and effectively operating the system to continue investing in construction materials, especially sanitary ware and energy-saving glass.

The early signs of success of the construction glass product group of units such as Viglacera Float Glass Company in Binh Duong, Energy-saving Glass Factory, and recently the Ultra Clear Float Glass Factory in Phu My have brought significant results in investing in the Southern region. Specifically, during the difficult period of the construction materials market, Viglacera’s energy-efficient glass products are still popular thanks to their leading differentiation in product quality.

Viglacera’s energy-saving glass blocks 99% of UV rays and saves up to 51% of air conditioning electricity consumption.

As for the sanitary ware group, currently Viglacera has two factories in the South out of a total of 4 porcelain factories. In recent years, Viglacera’s sanitary ware products have been evaluated as significantly upgraded in terms of appearance, product finish, and flushing technology.

Also, Eurotile premium tile group of Viglacera My Duc Factory, sanitary ware products of Viglacera Binh Duong Porcelain Factory and Viglacera My Xuan Porcelain Factory have provided the Southern market with a variety of diverse product lines.

Viglacera’s coordinated products of tiles, porcelain, and energy-saving glass are on display at the event.

Recently, Viglacera invested in a new Sacmi Continua+ line at the Viglacera Eurotile Factory in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. This is also a new development orientation for the tile group with new product trends such as Viglacera’s large-format premium porcelain tiles that will meet market demand in the country and replace imported goods. In addition, the Vasta Sintered Stone product is a pioneering and distinct highlight in providing solutions for new interior materials. These are positive signs, reflecting the company’s correct steps in researching and developing new pioneering products.

Sacmi Continua+ line at the Viglacera Eurotile Factory in Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

According to building materials experts, Viglacera’s products are suitable for all market needs and usage behaviors. Viglacera’s products of tiles and sanitary equipment, fired clay tiles, AAC aerated concrete panels, ALC air-cured concrete panels, and energy-saving glass all meet the criteria for pioneering technology, market suitability, aiming to protect users’ health, creating a green and clean living space according to global trends.

Viglacera’s building materials products have made a positive and attractive impression on customers in general and the Southern region in particular, contributing to supporting the concentrated commercial business, expanding the market’s timely development, bringing high efficiency, and receiving good feedback from customers.

In recent years, Viglacera has always aimed to develop materials, and projects have undergone changes in vision and development orientation, providing the market with many green and energy-efficient construction projects.

Accompanying the “Prospects for Infrastructure Investment – Mekong Delta Economic Development” Forum, Viglacera wishes to bring production and investment operating solutions in an “eco-friendly” direction for all stages. From production investment activities and material supply, while introducing effective technical and technological solutions suitable for the goal of sustainable development in the MD region, in the context that construction projects in the MD increasingly need to focus on bearing capacity, durability over time, energy-saving, production costs, construction, and especially need to adapt to the characteristic humid tropical climate of the MD region.