CADIVI introduced into the market many new products with outstanding features

Getting to grips with the need of the market, Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI) – a member unit of GELEX Electric has launched many new breakthrough products with excellent features, safety, and environment-friendly to environment, etc.

CADIVI Bac Ninh factory.

This is the result of the research and development process, application of advanced technology, emphasis on quality and form, especially applicable in many different environments.

Incessant product development helps CADIVI enhance its competitiveness, create key product in manufacture and business activities, thereby maintaining and growing foreign and domestic market share.

Power cables are exploited in the civil aviation industry

Undergo many steps of research and testing, CADIVI has launched the CXE/S 1×6 mm2 – 5 kV primary power cable with remarkable advantages.

CADIVI’s CXE/S 1×6 mm2 – 5 kV primary power cable is used to connect from current regulators to isolated current transformers in airport light circuits in the electrical system of taxiway and runway lighting system. With a voltage level of up to 5 kV, the cable has a maximum conductor working temperature of up to 90 OC, which helps to operate durably in hot, humid environments with high temperatures on airport runways.

The production process of CXE/S 1×6 mm2-5 kV cable has passed the most rigorous tests and fully met FAA L-824 Type C standards (Federal Aviation Administration); ICEA S-93-639-2012 (American Cable Engineers Association); IEC 60228, etc.  Also, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam issued certificates No. 137 and 141 to meet technical conditions to be put into operation in the civil aviation industry.

On 23 August, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam issued digital eligibility certificate No. 232 for CADIVI’s CXE/S 1×6 mm2-5 kV cable. With this certification, the cable is updated to ICEA S-93-682-2013 standard (American Cable Engineers Association), helping the product get better quality, completely meeting the strictest requirements in power transmission in the airport signaling system.

Currently, CXE/S 1×6 mm2-5 kV cable products have been installed and used at Can Tho airport, Phu Quoc International airport, etc and most recently, Long Thanh International Airport is in the process of commencement and construction.

With the rapid increase in domestic and international air transport demand, investment, construction, and improvement of airports on the whole country are focused on, promising significant changes in the aviation infrastructure. This also creates many new opportunities for CADIVI when launching superior products such as CXE/S 1×6 mm2-5 kV cable.

Power cables for urban development

Global climate change and complex and unpredictable weather events cause many difficulties in urban construction design. Particularly, projects need to be taken into account the condition of wet environments and flooding occurring in more places and more frequently for underground systems, etc.

Being a leading manufacturer of power cables in Vietnam, CADIVI always pays attention to research and development of products with superior features, more durable use, and meeting new market demand.

The company has just launched TR XLPE Medium voltage underground insulated cable – The optimal solution for wet and flooded environments. The cable with features such as: Water tree resistant; Ability to use in wet environments; Reliability and safety; Long lifespan and diversified applications in power transmission and distribution in urban and rural areas, as well as in industries.

In addition, it makes contribution to finding solutions to ensure a safer living environment, CADIVI released a fireproof power cable product with heat resistance level of 1,050OC reaching AS/NZS standards.

CADIVI’s 1,050OC heat and fire-resistant cable has progressive features such as ability to withstand temperatures of 1,050OC for 2 hours, reaching AS/NZS standards of Australia and New Zealand.

As a result, cables are used in projects with special requirements such as airports, stations, subways, etc. In particular, CADIVI recently successfully exported a batch of 1,050OC fire resistant cables to the Australian market with a value of millions of AUD.

The products TR-XLPE Medium voltage underground insulated cable and 1,050 OC heat and fire resistant power cable are very noteworthy achievements of the unit in the field of research and development of new products. This activity is included in the strategic direction of GELEX Electric, one of the key emphasis to maintain and continue to grow market share and brand influence in the market.