Eurotile Center launches its 9th Center in Ho Chi Minh City

On December 2, 2023, the opening ceremony of Eurotile Center Ho Chi Minh City, also known as “Eurotile Professional”, took place at 270 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Mai Xuan Duc, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Viglacera Ceramic Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company, said: “With the vision of becoming a leading brand in design and lifestyle trends, unique and sophisticated collections, the opening of Eurotile Center Ho Chi Minh City, also known as “Eurotile Professional”, not only marks the development of Eurotile, but also affirms the commitment to bring the best products and services to customers, and to spread the spirit and mission of Eurotile to customers”.

Mr. Nguyen Thu Phong, Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Architects, highly appreciated the quality and creativity of Viglacera and Eurotile products. These high-end products are like a breath of fresh air for those working in the field of architecture and construction projects in Vietnam. They are approaching the modern trends of the world.

“Viglacera and Eurotile are not only strategic partners of the Vietnam Association of Architects but also always accompany the association in developing many projects over the past many years. On every trip to the regions, we always encounter the products of Viglacera and Eurotile to bring a new and classy look to architectural works.

We always want to bring customers high quality, innovative and durable products, as a result, we are more appreciative of the creativity, dedication and talent of construction material manufacturers such as Viglacera and Eurotile. I am also very proud that Viglacera remains the leading manufacturer in exporting tiles from Vietnam to the world. This is also the pride of the Vietnamese construction industry,” Mr. Nguyen Thu Phong said.

On the journey of creating design and lifestyle trends, Eurotile signed a memorandum of understanding with many Associations of Architects in provinces and cities, and we have joined together and accompanied in many other meaningful activities at the nationwide Eurotile Center systems.

Therefore, at the opening ceremony, Eurotile Center Ho Chi Minh City was honored to cooperate with a large and reputable architectural company in Ho Chi Minh City, namely the Nha Vui Architecture Construction Joint Stock Company. This Company is an important partner of Eurotile that has been working together with Eurotile throughout the past years.

By signing this memorandum of understanding, Eurotile and the Nha Vui Architecture Construction Joint Stock Company shall affirm their comprehensive cooperation in the journey of creating luxurious and superior architectural works.

Eurotile Center Ho Chi Minh City is not only a place for displaying high-end tiles, but also a place for architects and designers to interact, organize workshops to exchange about the profession, and unleash new creative ideas in their work.

In the era of rapidly changing media and the development of Industry 4.0, Eurotile has grasped this opportunity and designed a studio in the center. This is the first center where people can find a very meticulous studio to record photo shoots and product introduction clips in the most professional way.

The thing is, Eurotile Center is not called a “Showroom” but a “Center”. Its meaning is that this is not only a showroom but also a creative working space to inspire professionals. At the same time, Eurotile also wants to cooperate with partners that provide design services, finishing materials and construction solutions for all projects.

Those who step into Eurotile Center Ho Chi Minh City will immediately be impressed by the columns that are arranged like 6 sails spreading out to welcome them, and they are also a way to separate the outside and inside space, providing comfort and tranquility for the workplace.

For these purposes, the 9th Center was born with the hope that it will be a meeting place for beauty lovers, professionals and those who are passionate about exploring new technologies, materials, and ideas to create new things.

Eurotile’s products like sintered stone, big slaps, Third Firing decorative tiles, 20mm thick tiles, etc. are all produced on advanced European technology, with exquisite designs that are suitable for many architectural styles from classic to contemporary.

These collections carry human stories and exquisite design styles that cannot be confused with any other products. All are expressed through vibrant colors, exquisite lines, and the feeling of touching the natural surface of materials that simulate wood, stone, sand, cement, etc.

The product can be used flexibly in interior and exterior decoration to replace wood and natural stone such as: wall panels, floor panels, door panels, cabinets, kitchen tables, dining tables, facades, etc. These are also optimal and eco-friendly choices in the trend of “green architecture” to create comfortable, sophisticated and emotional spaces.

Special promotion for Customers on the occasion of the opening: From December 1 to December 31, 2023, Eurotile offers several special promotions to all customers when purchasing products in Southern Vietnam. This promotion is a token of Eurotile’s gratitude with the hope of providing the best experience for customers.