GELEX handed over book library to Thanh Hai Primary School, Ha Nam

Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (Gelex) had handed over a book library to Thanh Hai Primary School, Thanh Liem District, Ha Nam Province. This is a primary school in need with good academic performance and had been working to build an excellent library through socialization advocacy.

Gelex donated nearly 4,000 books, including professional books – advanced books for pupils and teachers, history books, life skills books, story books, English learning books, books for the gifted, Chicken Soup for the Soul, etc. These books were evenly distributed into the library and classrooms. Every month, the school will swap books among classrooms, organize book introduction sessions, read-aloud sessions and exhibition and book introduction contests, and introduce books, creating an interesting playground for pupils. The library records will be monitored and updated according to regulations with the aim that all pupils in the school can read books.

In addition, Gelex also donated 5 sets of computers to help pupils familiarize themselves with the Internet and access useful information; built new bookshelves in the library and classrooms. Ms. Nhu Thi Hong Man, principal of Thanh Hai Primary School, said: “Since the pupils learned that there will be a library and bookshelves in classrooms, they have been very excited. Pupils here love to learn and to read, and now they have their dream fulfilled. Thanks to Gelex funding this library, our school will manage and operate it in the most efficient, so that the library becomes a truly meaningful place”.

Determining that investment in education is a sustainable and necessary direction for society, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation decided that the social contribution activities towards education such as building school libraries, classroom bookshelves and kitchens in local schools with economic difficulties would be GELEX’s annual activities of corporate social responsibility. This has become a beautiful feature of the corporate culture.

Previously, Gelex also funded the construction of a kitchen for the Pinang Tac ethnic minority boarding school, Bac Ai District, Ninh Thuan Province with a total value of VND 1.2 billion to ensure that teachers and pupils have a better living conditions as well as meet the policy of school solidification. The kitchen was put into use in the 2018-2019 school year.