GELEX was honored in TOP 500 leading employers in Vietnam 2022

Prestigious brand, attractive remuneration, professional and effective working environment, and good and stable business results, GELEX Group reached the TOP 500 leading employers in Vietnam in 2022.

2022 is the first year when the List of Top 500 Employers in Vietnam (VBE500) and Top 10 Best Working places in Vietnam regarding Banking, Insurance, Construction – Real Estate – Building Materials, Retail, Food, Beverage, Logistics, Information Technology was published by Vietnam Investment Review based on the research results of Vietnam Business Research Joint Stock Company (Viet Research).

GELEX was honored in TOP 500 leading employers in Vietnam 2022

According to the Organizing Committee, besides focusing on creating a good working environment, especially paying attention to the importance of the staff salary, VBE500 businesses have constantly risen to compete by building a prestigious image, employer brand, building culture as well as accumulating core values for the business, especially creating numerous promotion opportunities for their employees.

GELEX Group Joint Stock Company was established on July 10th, 1990 on the basis of concentrating production, business, service and electrical engineering research units. Over 30 years of development, GELEX has constantly expanded and restructured its operations to optimize resources, becoming a multi-industry investment enterprise with a market capitalization of more than VND 10.7 trillion (as of December 22nd, 2022), operating under the Holdings model, pursuing the goal of sustainable development with two main business segments, including Industrial production and Infrastructure.

In the development journey, GELEX Group has always focused on developing high-quality human resources, with the desire to create a great working environment – where each employee can promote their own capacity and be willing to dedicate to receive good things in return.

At GELEX, the encouragement of personal capacity, creativity, initiative and efficiency in work is always highly appreciated.

Mai Thi Minh Thu – Deputy Director in charge of Human Resources Department of GELEX Group said: “GELEX is making an effort to create a professional working environment, with the goal of creating an experience journey for each employee from the culture, technology, working space to career development opportunities. The company also applies salary benefits, competitive remuneration and investment in training activities. Many welfare policies are built towards paying attention to employees’ lives”.

Being in the TOP 500 Top Employers in Vietnam (VBE500), GELEX has affirmed its efforts and achievements in terms of business development prospects, human resource development and ensuring the rights of employees. Therefore, this brings tangible benefits to business.

This is also the basis for GELEX to continue to attract and recruit talents, creating important resources for the Group to achieve its long-term strategic goals.