The Announcement’s Viglacera about Green & Smart Industrial Park

Viglacera Corporation – Joint Stock Company (stock code VGC) has just officially announced the Green & Smart Industrial Park “Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP” in Bac Ninh province.

Announcement ceremony of Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP project” in Bac Ninh province

Thuan Thanh I Industrial Park (trade name Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart. IP) has an area of 262 hectares with a total investment capital of nearly VND 3,000 billion. Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart .IP owns a prime geographical location near main roads such as National Highway 17, National Highway 38 and Ring Road 4, conveniently connected to Noi Bai International Airport, Cat Bi, Van Don as well as Dinh Vu – Hai Phong and Cai Lan – Quang Ninh seaports.

The technical infrastructure and services of the industrial park are developed modernly and synchronously, aiming to become a multi-functional industrial park, attracting multi-industry investment, especially in the fields of supporting industries, electronics, information technology, household goods, machinery and industrial equipment are environmentally friendly, following the direction of sustainable development.

Orientation and goals of the “Than Thanh Eco-Smart IP” Industrial Park. Among them, the Group energy saving solutions will promote smart lighting systems, using renewable energy – solar panels… The Group of solutions to control emissions into the environment applies technology in the management of water supply systems, automatic tree watering systems, rainwater reuse…

In addition, the Group of IP Greening Solutions aims to have at least 60% of the area of trees using types of trees with high CO2 absorption capacity, achieving green certification for IPs. The Group of digital transformation solutions with the goal of integrated and centralized management by software at the control center, building a data sharing management system, a one-stop consulting center …

According to Mr. Tran Anh Tuan – Director of the Investment and Construction Project Management Department – Branch of Viglacera Corporation, said the value that “Thuan Thanh Eco- Smart IP” brings is not only attracting investment and developing the economy for Thuan Thanh town in particular and Bac Ninh province in general, but also to bring very practical values for the environment, the surrounding community as well as investors, along with specific commitments:

For the environment and the community, Viglacera commits to the goal of reducing net emissions and towards the Netzero target by 2050 as the Prime Minister has committed to the international community at COP26.

Regarding energy, generate a minimum amount of electricity from solar energy with a capacity of 0.5MW, ensuring 100% of the demand for the lighting system and a part of the industrial park’s auxiliary load. At the same time, Viglacera also strives to reuse 5%-25% of wastewater for watering trees, washing roads to meet 40%-100% of demand; and reuse non-hazardous sludge with a quantity of about 406 kg/day, equivalent to 40% of the total sludge generated with a capacity of 3,000m3 of wastewater/day and night.

In addition, the greening solution will help absorb at least more than 2,000 tons of carbon/year in the first years, equivalent to the emissions of nearly 500 gasoline-powered cars per year.

For investors, Viglacera strongly commits to supporting investors in implementing net emission reduction through the exchange of Carbon credits, helping to increase the competitiveness of exported goods applying Carbon tax. At the same time, it saves time and costs for investors; reduces cost of goods, and increases competitiveness. Thanks to that, investors have the opportunity to experience the best and safest services in production and business activities in the IP.

In Bac Ninh province, Viglacera Corporation has invested in 5 Industrial Parks (IPs) with a total area of about 1,200 hectares and attracted large investors in the world such as Samsung, Amkor, Canon…One of the first deciding factor that makes investors cooperate with Viglacera is the commitment to building a green, smart and synchronous industrial park ecosystem. The “Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP” is no exception.

The Viglacera’s criteria is to develop industrial parks and residential urban areas wherever they go hand in hand with the development of nurseries, trees and working environment towards humane and sustainable values.  Viglacera wants each industrial park associated with its brand to show high responsibility not only to investors but also to the environment and society.