The attraction and uniqueness of ultra-clear glass

The ultra-clear glass is a source of inspiration for innovation in architectural and interior design, sparking the creativity of many designers, beyond the definition of construction materials.

Since its appearance, ultra-clear glass is not only a new material in the construction industry, but is also considered a source of inspiration for top architectural works of art around the world such as Apple’s Flagship Store, Amazon’s headquarters, Beijing National Opera House…

In recent years, Vietnam has recognized the great attraction of ultra-clear glass, especially in applications for building facades for high-end showrooms, stair railings, and interior decoration, from displaying precious jewelry, and wine, to creating an impression of works of art.

The attraction of ultra-clear glass comes from the unique

The uniqueness of ultra-clear glass is not only in the beauty it brings but also in the diversity of applications. Color uniformity, light transmission, and aesthetics are the factors that make ultra-clear glass so extraordinary.

The color uniformity of ultra-clear glass is rated as almost absolute, the iron content in raw materials is only 1/10 or even lower than that of transparent glass. According to architects, ultra-clear glass absorbs less blue and purple bands in light than regular glass. At a thickness of 15mm, the glass still maintains color uniformity, bringing the beauty of sophistication and class.

Ultra-clear glass is creatively applied in architectural design

Ultra-clear glass conquers the “heart” of projects that require sophistication in every detail, magnificence in color, and high aesthetics. This material becomes the soul of works of art, in interior and exterior design, and is a product that meets green trends applied in renewable industries such as making solar battery blanks.

Ultra-clear glass is known to be especially suitable for modern design style trends from Western Europe and Northern Europe with completely expanded space, at the same time, connects with large natural spaces and makes the most of sunlight such as glass door systems, windows, office partitions, houses, or glass balconies… In addition, in some designs, architects also use ultra-clear glass in stairs, stair handrails, table tops as well as kitchen glass walls… to create a feeling of spaciousness, doubling the living space.

Thanks to its high aesthetics, ultra-clear glass is widely used in interior design, and home decoration aims to carve exquisite beauty into the living space. This product is often favored by women as display cabinets for valuable items such as jewelry, or other decorative items such as decorative mirrors, art glass paintings, glass furniture, wine cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and glass fish tanks…

Ultra-clear glass has high transparency and maximum light transmission at any product thickness.

The advantage that creates the superiority of ultra-clear glass products 

In 2021, Viglacera marked an important milestone by increasing investment in Phu My ultra-clear glass factory (PFG) – a subsidiary of Viglacera. Overcoming the challenges and difficulties of the domestic market and technology at that time, Viglacera was a pioneering Vietnamese manufacturer capable of producing ultra-clear glass. Currently, Viglacera has produced ultra-clear glass with thicknesses from 3mm to 15mm and large sizes up to 3330 x 6000mm.

Currently, Viglacera’s investment has opened up new opportunities for domestic goods when businesses mainly depend on imported goods. Along with the square meters of ultra-clear glass produced in Vietnam, Viglacera has pioneered and committed to implementing the Vietnam Construction Materials Development Strategy for the period 2021 – 2030, with an orientation to 2050 set by the Government to continue investing in the production of construction glass products with high quality and economic value such as energy-saving glass, ultra-clear glass, super thin glass, glass for energy batteries, flameproof glass…

Currently, Viglacera has also researched the production of ultra-clear glass with an energy-saving coating (Low-e) to provide a complete solution for customers, helping to improve the application efficiency of the product. As a pioneer energy-saving glass manufacturer in Vietnam, Viglacera has taken advantage of this strength to create ultra-clear glass products with Low-e coating. This is one of Viglacera’s unique strategies with ultra-clear glass in the market.

At the same time, Viglacera continues to invest in glass production lines with high technology, modern equipment, fuel efficiency and fully meeting environmental criteria…

Source: Viglacera