Viglacera fabricates the first square meters of ultra-clear glass in Vietnam

On November 1, 2023, Viglacera (HOSE: VGC) successfully fabricated the first square meters of ultra-clear glass in Vietnam, opening up opportunities for high-end architectural and interior projects, as well as meeting the growing demand for solar panels in Vietnam, helping to replace imports and promote export markets.

Ultra-clear glass is a type of transparent glass with the ability to transmit maximum light at any product thickness. For a long time, ultra-clear glass has been popular in the world with the ability to apply in high-end architectural and interior projects thanks to its aesthetic and environmentally friendly factors.

Ultra-clear glass has high transparency and maximum light transmission at any product thickness.

In recent years, ultra-clear glass has been gradually gaining popularity in Vietnam, from applications for high-end showroom facades, balconies, staircase railings, … to home interior decor, display cabinets for valuable items such as jewelry, wine cabinets… Ultra-clear glass is therefore often used in a number of applications to replace ordinary float glass to elevate the class of projects, create a sense of spaciousness and bring the most realistic and delicate images.

A project using ultra-clear glass in Vietnam to create a modern space (product application: Building railing)

Viglacera is the first Vietnamese enterprise with the ability to fabricate ultra-clear glass. The first square meters of Viglacera ultra-clear glass, fabricated at the Phu My ultra-clear float glass plant in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, was officially launched and introduced to the market from the beginning of November 2023 with standard thicknesses from 3mm to 12mm, for a variety of applications, in line with the general development trend of society.

Viglacera ultra-clear glass is a line of glass products with low iron content (low iron) which helps the glass to be transparent, with a transmittance of up to 91.5% (ordinary glass is 86%), applied in building architecture, interior design (high-end mirrors, furniture, mosaics…), energy-saving glass and other industrial applications such as making blanks for solar panel production as well as applications in the automotive industry. In particular, Viglacera has also fabricated ultra-clear glass with a layer that can prevent ultraviolet (UV) rays, suitable for the design of high-end building facades and showrooms.

The first square meters of Viglacera ultra-clear glass

Ultra-clear glass is a new material with great development potential, bringing long-term benefits in the future for both the construction and renewable energy industries. Investing in the fabrication of ultra-clear glass is an important step forward in the development strategy of Viglacera Corporation to enhance competitiveness, create high-value-added products, and meet the growing needs of domestic and foreign markets.

Currently, most ultra-clear glass has to be imported from China and India at high prices, so Viglacera’s investment in the fabrication of ultra-clear glass in Vietnam is necessary to meet the domestic market demand, replace imports and provide quality products at reasonable prices. This also helps to promote product exports to international markets, especially Southeast Asian countries, using tariff preferences through free trade agreements in the region.

The fabrication of high-end glass materials is also one of the key areas of the Corporation, so in the coming time, Viglacera will continue to invest and expand, bringing advanced and quality glass solutions to customers in and out of the country.

Mr. Do Viet Phuong, General Director of Phu My Ultra-clear Float Glass Company (PFG), shared that the plant has an area of ​​nearly 150,000 m2, equipped with modern, advanced technology, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, ensuring a designed capacity of 1,500 tons of liquid glass/day, divided into 2 phases: Phase 1 with a capacity of 600 tons/day and Phase 2 with a capacity of 900 tons/day.

Modern technology line at the Viglacera ultra-clear glass production plant

Phu My Ultra-clear Float Glass Plant has fabricated glass with a thickness from 3mm to 12mm with standard and large sizes up to 3,658mm x 4,000mm, capable of meeting the needs of projects with large facades. With market potential and competitive advantages of the new product, Viglacera sets a goal of leading the domestic market, becoming the number 1 enterprise in Southeast Asia, and being a top choice, aiming to export products to conquer demanding markets such as Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Along with the first square meters of ultra-clear glass produced in Vietnam, Viglacera has been a pioneer and committed to implementing the Vietnam Building Materials Development Strategy for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050 proposed by the Government, which is to continue investing in the production of high-quality and high-economic value building glass products such as: Energy-saving glass, ultra-clear glass, ultra-thin glass, glass for solar cells, fireproof glass… At the same time, Viglacera has been and is continuing to invest in high-tech glass production lines, modern equipment, fuel-efficient and meet all environmental standards…

Through this, Viglacera aims to enhance and affirm the position of the “pioneer” brand in the field of building materials production in Vietnam; demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting green technology and products, towards environmental protection and sustainable development.