Viglacera’s profit for 10 months of the year exceeds 36% of the annual target

As of the end of October 2023, at the meeting on November 7, 2023 at the Viglacera Tower building headquarters – No. 1 Thang Long Avenue – Hanoi, Viglacera Corporation – JSC (Stock Code: VGC: HOSE) recorded positive business results, with the construction materials (VLXD) sector showing outstanding growth over the same period last year. In the coming time, the Corporation will continue to promote investment promotion and increase the scale of production and business activities of the enterprise in both industrial real estate, worker housing and high-value, environmentally friendly construction materials, aiming at export markets.

A panoramic view of the October meeting at Viglacera Corporation – JSC

October – Business maintains a steady growth trend

In October 2023, despite the sluggish VLXD market, VGC recorded a pre-tax profit of the parent company reaching 108% of the monthly plan, and a cumulative profit of 10 months in 2023 increased by 72.3 billion compared to the same period, reaching 135% of the annual plan.

The consolidated pre-tax profit of the whole Corporation in October reached 110% of the monthly plan, and a cumulative profit of 10 months in 2023 reached 136% of the annual plan.

The results of export activities were a highlight of the VLXD sector, with a value of 105% of the monthly plan and a cumulative profit of 10 months in 2023 reaching 156% compared to the same period. It was noted that the tile and glass groups had high growth rates.

Noteworthy, Viglacera has recently successfully produced the first square meters of ultra-clear glass in Vietnam. This is a transparent glass with the ability to transmit maximum light at any product thickness. Thanks to its aesthetic and environmentally friendly factors, ultra-clear glass has long been popular in the world and meets the requirements of high-end architectural and interior works. It is also a new material with great development potential, bringing long-term benefits in the future for both the construction and renewable energy industries.

The first square meters of Viglacera ultra-clear glass were produced in Vietnam.

It can be said that Viglacera is the first Vietnamese enterprise to have the ability to produce ultra-clear glass. This is also one of the key products of the Corporation in the coming time, Viglacera will continue to invest and expand, bringing advanced and quality glass solutions to customers in Vietnam and abroad.

Also in October, the Corporation’s investment promotion activities were also noteworthy with a series of events taking place such as the event of organizing the ceremony of attaching the nameplate of the Workers’ Housing (NƠCN) and professional housing project, the opening ceremony of the one-stop support center for the social housing project for workers and workers at the Đông Mai Industrial Park; Successfully organized the Investment Promotion Seminar in the Cuban market with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

Towards the goal of sustainable development

In Q4/2023, Viglacera will still focus on the two main areas of construction materials and real estate. In the field of real estate, it will develop and expand the scale of industrial parks in localities with advantages in land, transportation infrastructure, electricity sources and investment policies.

For the construction materials sector, Viglacera continues to review product groups to ensure that they are suitable for the market in terms of quality, features, selling price and actual needs. In addition, the company will continue to accelerate the introduction of high-value products to the market, including products such as sintered stone and ultra-clear glass.

Currently, not only in Vietnam, Viglacera products also have a firm foothold in international markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

In Q4/2023, Viglacera will continue to implement procedures for the divestment of State capital at the Corporation according to the direction of the Ministry of Construction; at the same time, build the production and business plan for 2024 and the 5-year plan for the period 2024-2028.

The business results of Viglacera Corporation are expected to continue to increase in 2024 with the main driving force being the real estate sector. With 12 industrial parks currently owned and operated, Viglacera Corporation is currently one of the largest industrial park property enterprises in the North.

The remaining commercial industrial park area of Viglacera Corporation is estimated to be about 1,139 hectares, creating favorable conditions for business activities to break through when FDI flows into Vietnam are showing positive signs of returning after a period of sluggishness.

Currently, Viglacera is holding a position as one of the largest construction materials manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam, especially energy-saving glass products, ultra-clear glass, large-format tiles, sintered stone, autoclaved aerated concrete, and antibacterial sanitary ware.

Viglacera is oriented towards the goal of sustainable development. Picture: Viglacera’s Yen My Industrial park.

In addition, in order to realize the direction of the Government and the Ministry of Construction in promoting the development of social housing for workers and low-income people, especially implementing the project “Investment in construction of at least 1 million social housing units for low-income people, industrial workers in the period 2021-2030”, Viglacera Corporation – JSC always prioritizes investing in social housing, social housing projects at industrial parks.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of housing real estate development in general and NƠXH, NƠCN projects in particular, Viglacera has been and is implementing many NƠXH, NƠCN projects such as: NƠXH KĐT Đặng Xá, KĐT Kim Chung; Worker housing at Yên Phong Industrial Park, Đông Mai Industrial Park, Phú Hà Industrial Park, Đồng Văn IV Industrial Park, Tiền Hải Industrial Park…