Advise investors to be wary of false rumors

Dear Valued Investors!

Currently, GELEX Group has received feedback from some investors regarding the spread of false information on various forums and social media platforms related to GELEX Corporation in general and its stock code GEX in particular.

After verifying the claims, we want to state that these are false and baseless allegations. We understand that such misinformation severely impacted the sentiment of investors and customers, causing a loss of trust in the image and reputation of GELEX Group, and ultimately infringing on the rights of GELEX shareholders.

Throughout our operations, GELEX has always adhered to the principles of upholding the law. As a large public company, we have duly and promptly disclosed all relevant information about the Corporation, as per the regulations.

The dissemination of false information by individuals or organizations about GELEX Group and stock code GEX may constitute acts of fraud, market manipulation, and jeopardize the safety and security of the market.

Therefore, we strongly condemn the spread of such false information. We will take all necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of GELEX Group in general, its shareholders, and investors in particular. We will inform the relevant authorities to investigate the source and purpose of such false information and to take strict legal action against individuals or organizations involved in such acts.

Dear Valued Investors!

Since the beginning of 2022, amidst the market’s growth pressure, negative information has continuously appeared, causing doubts and even anxiety among investors, creating a strong short-term impact on supply and demand, as well as investor decisions. Although the authenticity of the information is low, its rapid spread on social media and word of mouth creates a multiplier effect and has a negative impact on the market.

Hence, we continue to recommend that Investors be cautious about false information and have a comprehensive, objective, and accurate assessment of the company’s operations.

All official information will be provided promptly and fully on the corporation’s official website at:

Dear Investors

Over the past 33 years of operation, GELEX has always optimized its resources, developed strategic plans, and enhanced its position, vision, and management to increase the value of the enterprise.

Currently, GELEX owns capital in subsidiaries and affiliated companies that have a significant position in industries with long-term potential. In which, VGC owns 12 large industrial parks, GEE has a leading position in the electrical equipment sector, and the energy and real estate sectors have substantial growth potential in the future. As reported at the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, GELEX is restructuring its business areas and actively seizing international cooperation opportunities.

In particular, GELEX has a policy to restructure the portfolio of operating power projects in the system by divesting the maximum or all of the shares/capital contributions in these power project companies to potential foreign investors. Currently, GELEX is working and negotiating to reach an agreement and complete the transaction with foreign investors.

We, GELEX sincerely appreciate the companionship and support of our investors!