CADIVI Power cables are exploited in the civil aviation industry

With the successful research and development of primary power cable product CXE/S 1×6 mm2 – 5 kV used in airport signaling systems, CADIVI – Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation, a member unit of GELEX Electric got outstanding achievement that few manufacturers can achieve in the Vietnamese market today.

The aviation market is moving to a period of recovery and growth after a long period of being heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for domestic and international air transport increased rapidly, investment, construction and upgrading of airports for entire country were focused. According to Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, during the period 2021 – 2030, it will gradually upgrade and effectively exploit the current 22 airports and invest in 6 new airports. This assures significant changes in the aspect of aviation industry infrastructure.

Taking the opportunity, CADIVI had gone through many steps of research and testing to launch the CXE/S 1×6 mm2 – 5 kV primary power cable with remarkable advantages.

CADIVI’s CXE/S 1×6 mm2 – 5 kV primary power cable is used to connect from current regulators to isolated current transformers in airport light circuits in the electrical system of taxiway and runway lighting system. With a voltage level of up to 5 kV, the cable has a maximum conductor working temperature of up to 90 OC, which helps to operate durably in hot, humid environments with high temperatures on airport runways.

The production process of CXE/S 1×6 mm2-5 kV cable has passed the most rigorous tests and fully met FAA L-824 Type C standards (Federal Aviation Administration); ICEA S-93-639-2012 (American Cable Engineers Association); IEC 60228, etc.  Also, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam issued certificates No. 137 and 141 to meet technical conditions to be put into operation in the civil aviation industry.

On 23 August, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam issued digital eligibility certificate No. 232 for CADIVI’s CXE/S 1×6 mm2-5 kV cable. With this certification, the cable is updated to ICEA S-93-682-2013 standard (American Cable Engineers Association), helping the product get better quality, completely meeting the strictest requirements in power transmission in the airport signaling system.

Currently, CXE/S 1×6 mm2-5 kV cable products have been installed and used at Can Tho airport, Phu Quoc International airport, etc and most recently, Long Thanh International Airport is in the process of commencement and construction.

It is the outcome of a serious working process, with high expertise, creativity and enthusiasm of the staff at CADIVI. Investment in research and development of new products such as the 1×6 mm2-5 kV CXE/S cable product is covered in the orientation of “Ahead of the curve” that the CADIVI Board of Directors has planned. Also, this is one of the key points that CADIVI is focusing on to maintain and continue to grow its market share and brand influence in the market.

Manufacture of high quality products serving customers’ demands are also core values that CADIVI company always pursues throughout its development journey.

CADIVI Dong Nai factory.

Founded since 1975 until now, CADIVI is the number 1 electric cable manufacturer in Vietnam, specializing in the manufacture of electric wires and cables that widely serve national power projects, civil power projects and exports. The company owns the leading technologies in the electric cable manufacturing segment in Vietnam that is equipped with machinery and equipment from Europe, the US, and other developed countries in the region.

CADIVI products have been appeared all over the country and exported to many Southeast Asian countries.

With various product solutions and impressive quality, CADIVI has constantly been recognized as a high-quality Vietnamese Good for many years, achieved Best Brand certification, etc and many reputable domestic awards. CADIVI is now tending to the vision of becoming one of the largest and most trustworthy power cable manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

As a celebrated, long-standing brand, CADIVI is currently increasing its influence in the market and spreading its brand image. With direction from GELEX Electric, in the coming time, in addition to the goal of maintaining the market in business segments, CADIVI will prioritize investment, research, and development of new products for key product creation, continues to conquer domestic and foreign markets and customers.