CADIVI reached the Top 20 businesses with the best annual reports

This result shows the market’s high appreciation for Vietnam Electrical Cable Joint Stock Company CADIVI in making information transparent to investors, shareholders, partners and customers.

This TOP Voting is within the framework of the Listed Business Voting 2023 co-organized annually by the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE), Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Investment Newspaper.

Leaders of CADIVI received the prestigious award Top 20 businesses with the best annual reports Non-financial industry group in 2023.

According to the Organizing Committee, there are 116 businesses with the best annual reports voted into the final round for the Annual Report category this year. The Voting Committee selected 30 businesses with the best annual reports to be honored, including 10 businesses with the best annual reports in the financial industry group and 20 businesses with the best Annual Reports in the Non-financial industry group.

According to the Organizing Committee, the Annual Reports have strengthened investors’ access to information about listed companies, contributing to helping businesses operate professionally, transparently and always comply with regional and international standards and practices.

Currently, CADIVI’s Annual Report is one of the official and reliable information channels for investors, shareholders, partners and customers that helping the public and investors grasp the direction and business activities. Besides, this also helps CADIVI continuously affirm its reputation and brand position as the largest electric cable manufacturer in Vietnam.

With investment in both form and content, CADIVI’s Annual Report is well received and highly appreciated, helping to increase the sympathy and engagement of stakeholders with the business.

CADIVI is the largest electric cable brand in Vietnam, with a wide distribution system throughout 3 regions. For many years, CADIVI has always maintained its leading position, accounting for 30% of the electric wire and cable market share in Vietnam (According to a survey by the Business Association of High Quality Vietnamese Products).

The Cadivi’s products meet international standards, and have a superior competitive advantage over competitors in the market. Not only trusted and chosen by domestic customers, CADIVI products are also exported to a number of countries in the region such as the US, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia…

Over the past years, CADIVI has focused on building business strategies and risk management with the desire to maintain its position in the face of constant market fluctuations. The business always maintains positive business results, contributing to the development of the economy. In addition, businesses are transparent in their operations and information disclosure obligations, contributing to the health of the stock market, increasing the attractiveness of the market, and creating opportunities for businesses to access foreign capital.

After 16 times of organization, the Listed Business Voting has had an enormous influence and increasingly expressed clearly the ideology throughout the journey towards a sustainable financial market for Vietnam in particular, as well as completing the sustainable development goals set by the Government with close companionship between subjects and market members./.