EMIC introduces smart water meter at Vietwater 2022

EMIC’s products with advanced technology provide effective solutions to common problems in the water industry currently.

Vietwater 2022 – The 13th International Exhibition and Conference on Water Supply and Sewerage Industry, Water Purification Technology and Wastewater Treatment in Vietnam held from November 09 to 11, 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City, attracted more than 250 units from 25 countries to display their products, as well as about 20,000 potential customers to trade, work and visit.

EMIC Electrical Measuring Instrument Joint Stock Company – a member of the electrical equipment division of GELEX Group (code CK: GEX) launched a series of measurement products, smart metering, and remote data collection solutions in the water industry. Especially, some big customers directly ordered the solution right at the exhibition.

Customers visited the EMIC booth at the exhibition.

Participating in this year’s exhibition, besides the traditional cold water meter product lines such as multi-beam mechanical meter, mechanical volumetric meter of all kinds, etc.,EMIC Electrical Measuring Instrument Joint Stock Company brought a breath of fresh air to customers in the water supply industry with modern measurement products and smart measurement solutions such as: Smart meter using LoRa technology, NB-IOT technology, a complete solution for remote measurement and data acquisition, etc. This was a measuring device that could communicate wirelessly with a local area network or wide area network, allowing for 24/7 remote monitoring and leak detection, helping to reduce water waste.

EMIC’s smart watch products.

The device had two parts: meters and electronics for data transmission. This device could use one-way communication with the water supply unit (using LoRa or NB-IOT technology) to provide real-time information on water consumption, flow, and pressure abnormalities, and simultaneously determine the point of leakage and loss.

The consumption output was constantly updated, and the device could help customers accurately detect leaks. If the total instantaneous output of the smart meter installed on the network negatively dfrom the total metered output, the water company or the head of the household would be informed of the risk of water leakage.

The smart water meter eliminated the need for monthly manual monitoring in each household and simultaneously supported automatically generating invoices and sending them to consumers within a certain time.

Representative of EMIC said: “With this device, users can monitor usage data, thereby understanding their water usage habits and identifying water waste points. This allows users to take the necessary steps to change their water usage habits. In addition, data collected from smart water meters allows operators to analyze water efficiency levels that help to optimize water distribution based on models of water supply and drainage companies”.

It can be said that the development of smart meters was gradually replacing traditional methods of measuring water consumption and proved to be one of the leading technological breakthroughs in saving water and costs.

EMIC’s manufacturing plant.

In recent years, EMIC has focused all its resources with the aim of maintaining and developing an elite team of young engineers, a team of highly skilled technical workers, focusing on investing in research and development of high-tech products, meeting all needs of customers about smart electrical and water metering products and solutions.

EMIC Electrical Measuring Instrument Joint Stock Company was established in 1983 and became the first domestic enterprise specializing in manufacturing electrical measuring devices such as single-phase mechanical meters, three-phase mechanical meters, volt meters, amps, current transformers, medium and low voltage transformers, mechanical cold water meters, smart meters of all kinds, etc. Currently, many product lines of EMIC are in the leading position in the market.