CADIVI enhances product promotion at the Vietnam-Laos Trade Fair 2023

The Vietnam-Laos Trade Fair 2023 is an opportunity for Vietnam Electrical Cable Joint Stock Company (CADIVI) to promote its brand, expand its market, and strengthen its distribution network in Laos and neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

The annual event, held from July 27 to 31 at the Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Center (Lao-ITECC) in the capital city of Vientiane, the annual event of the Vietnam-Laos Trade Fair (VietLao Expo) is an opportunity to showcase products and services to visitors in Vientiane and surrounding areas.

After being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for over three years, the fair has resumed amidst the development of the real estate market in Vientiane. With many hydroelectric plants built along the Mekong River, Laos now has surplus electricity and even exports it to neighboring countries, becoming an “energy hub” in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, Laos is a country with a demand for high-tech industrial products, which is conducive to Vietnamese businesses like CADIVI to introduce and promote their industrial products in Laos.

Visitors visit the joint booth of Vietnamese – Laotian businesses, including CADIVI products.

Attending this year’s Fair, CADIVI – a subsidiary of GELEX Group Joint Stock Company, brings its traditional strengths, such as household electrical wires, power cables, overhead conductors, fire-resistant and slow-burning cables, and various PVC resin products, as well as new products such as super thermal cables and solar energy cables.

These products are researched and produced using modern technology, ensuring safe use, reducing energy loss, and being suitable for various harsh environments.

CADIVI’s product introduction booth welcomes many visitors and learns

Visiting CADIVI’s booth, international businesses and customers highly appreciated the quality of CADIVI’s electrical cable products. Visitors to CADIVI’s booth highly praised the quality of its electrical cables and many businesses expressed interest in becoming CADIVI’s distributors in Laos. Residential customers wanted CADIVI products to be widely available in Vientiane, so they could buy and use high-quality products when needed.

During the development process, CADIVI always considers exports as an important strategy for its business development. In addition to maintaining traditional product lines, CADIVI also focuses on building and expanding its international market by seeking new partners and exploring potential markets.

Participating in the Vietnam-Laos Trade Fair 2023 is one of the significant commercial promotion activities for CADIVI. It not only helps CADIVI introduce its products to neighboring countries but also opens up opportunities for cooperation with businesses, especially in the growing electrical equipment market in Laos.

CADIVI is known for producing a wide range of electrical wires and cables for national industries, consumer demand, and export. For many years in a row, CADIVI was confirmed to be the “number 1 market share in Vietnam”, a brand is trusted with a Viet Nam distribution agent system (according to the market survey results of the Association of High Quality Vietnamese Goods). The company also continued to be voted as the Vietnam National Brand for the 8th consecutive time.