CADIVI fire-resistant cable product line has officially received FM Approved certification

Recently, the fire-resistant, slow-burning, low-smoke, non-toxic CADIVI cable product line from Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation has officially received FM Approved certification. This is a significant milestone, demonstrating our commitment to the quality and safety of our products, while also enhancing safety standards for all projects.

FM Approved is one of the oldest and most prestigious international certifications in the world, issued by FM Global – a global organization specializing in international inspection and certification for products and services to prevent property loss in commercial and industrial sectors.

After more than 138 years of establishment, FM is the world’s largest mutual insurance group as well as the product certification organization with the highest standards in the United States. To date, FM is the only organization worldwide that provides insurance support for products related to fire protection systems by global insurance corporations.

FM Approved certification is specially for testing and certification of fire-resistant products, ensuring that the products meet the highest standards, which are strict in terms of quality, technical integrity and performance.

The CADIVI fire-resistant cable product has received FM Approved certification, passing the two most crucial tests for fire-resistant cables, which are Flame Spread Index and Smoke Damage Index.

As a result, the product possesses outstanding advantages such as:

  • Effective fire resistance and slow-burning capabilities, preventing the spread of fires.
  • Minimizing toxic smoke emissions, ensuring safety for human health and the environment.
  • Meeting international and Vietnamese standards for power cables.
  • Diverse in types, suitable for various usage needs.

The achievement of FM Approved certification is evidence of the outstanding quality of CADIVI cables, affirming that our fire-resistant, slow-burning, low-smoke cables not only meet but also surpass the most stringent safety and quality standards. This is a recognition of our relentless efforts to bring the highest level of peace of mind and performance to customers, contributing to enhancing the safety of all works.

Source: CADIVI