Charity and voluntary activities – Corporate culture beauty of GELEX Group

This period witnessed the Central region’s struggling with disasters, thousands of houses were submerged in water, millions of people lost their homes, miserable fates can only pray for flood to end, so that they can return to their daily life. An ocean of difficulties is awaiting to challenge the local people. Vietnamese people in general and employees of Gelex Group in particular were compassionate with the beloved Central region.

With the spirit of solidarity, and following the saying “the leaves protect tattered ones”, and with the BOD Chairman’s devoted support, the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and the Union Executive Board of Gelex Group urged employees in Gelex family to share with the Central people’s losses and severe damages by our affection and responsibilities to the Central region. Right after launching, the program was actively supported with total donation amount of VND 570 million, including direct contribution and the donation of 1 daily wage from the entire Corporation’s employees.

The Standing Committee of Trade Union made a quick decision on direct gift delivery to the Central people. It only took 1 hour from obtaining the guideline to disseminating to member units:

– Registering with the Red Cross of Ha Tinh Province and Duc Tho District;
– Selecting severely affected communes after the flood in the areas receiving gifts;
– Making contact to purchase rice, preparing the grant money;
– Organizing a volunteer group for directly giving gifts to the people.

The volunteer group consisted of 12 voluntary members. Most of the members were female workers and officials. They arranged works and family affairs to join the program despite the long trip. The selected locations included 3 communes of Duc Tho District, Ha Tinh Province (Duc Quang, Duc Nhan & Bui Xa) which were the sacred lands with extraordinary people, one of them was the home of the General Secretary Tran Phu.

At 11 p.m on 26th October 2016, the relief team from Gelex Group led by Mr. Le Trung Lam, Chairman of the Corporation’s Trade Union, departed from No. 44B Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi, to Ha Tinh, on a trip filled with Gelex Group’s love. Members of the team were restless, nervous and eager to meet the Central people.

The car ran through night. At 06 a.m on 27th October 2016, the team arrived at Duc Tho District, Ha Tinh Province. The first gift-giving location was Duc Quang Commune, in which, 400 out of 700 households were severely damaged by the flood. The flood traces were still remained, walls soaked with water, roads filled with mud, green leaves covered by alluvium in red, etc. In less than an hour, 400 gifts including 04 tons of rice and VND 120 million were delivered to the people.

The next location of the relief team of Gelex Group was the headquarter of People’s Committee of Duc Nhan Commune. The first impression was that the yard merged with mud and remnant of floodwater. The team actively dispatched the works and cooperated with the local team to deliver their gifts, including 04 tons of rice and VND 120 million to each local person.

The gift giving was ended at 11am in Duc Nhan Commune. The team went to the final location, Bui Xa Commune, most of the people lived at Song La Dike and suffered from relatively heavy damages. The yard of the People’s Committee’s Building was soaked with water. The trees were broken down. The drainage works were left unfinished after the flood. At 1.30 pm, all people gathered. The team actively dispatched the necessary works to deliver gifts to the local people. All rice bags and cashes were directly handed to the people.

The work was completed successfully at 3:30 pm on 27th October 2016, VND 330 million and 11 tons of rice were directly delivered to the local people.During the journey of giving gifts to the Central people suffering from flood, Gelex Group would like to send our sincere thanks to: Red Cross of Duc Tho District, Leaders of Duc Tho District, Red Cross of Ha Tinh Province and especially the support of party members, People’s Council and People’s Committee and organizations of Duc Quang, Duc Nhan, Bui Xa, Duc Tho District and Ha Tinh Province.

The Gelex’s Executive Board of Trade Union would like to send our sincere thanks to the attention and support of the Board of Management, Board of Directors and all employees of the Group that jointly helped the beloved Central people. Charity and voluntary activities have become a corporate culture beauty of Gelex Group.

Let’s give and take!

– Communication Department-