GELEX affirms its position with many prestigious awards

A lot of awards and honors which awarded by prestigious domestic and international organizations have affirmed the stature and position of GELEX Group in the Vietnamese business community.

The pride of being Vietnam National Brand

After more than 33 years of development, GELEX Group owns many long-standing and prestigious brands. Many products in the GELEX system have been presented all over the country, in millions of families and reaching many countries and territories around the world, such as: CADIVI power cables, THIBIDI transformers, Viglacera construction materials…

GELEX’s representative receives the Vietnam National Brand medal in 2022

Always pursuing the core value of Quality – Prestige – Creativity, the products of the member companies in the GELEX System have constantly improved their competitiveness, dominated the market, conquered and created trust in customers.

Many products have been recognized as Vietnam National Brand by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, meeting the criteria of quality – innovation, creativity – pioneering capacity, including: CADIVI won the National Brand Award 8 times in a row; Viglacera 6 times in a row; GELEX 5 times in a row, THIBIDI 4 times in a row.

Besides, CADIVI and Viglacera are also in the TOP 25 leading industrial & personal consumables company brands in 2023, voted by Forbes Vietnam.

In addition to implementing solutions to uphold the market, maintain quality and expand market share for traditional products, GELEX also promotes the cooperation with international partners to improve the capacity of core business. Therefore, over years, the Group has maintained a stable and sustainable growth rate.

One of the 50 largest enterprises in Vietnam

In 2022, GELEX’s consolidated business results reached VND 32,089 billion in net revenue, increased 12% compared to 2021; consolidated pre-CIT profit reached VND 2,081 billion, increased 1% compared to 2021. In the first 6 months of 2023, although the market still faced many difficulties, GELEX Group’s consolidated net revenue still reached VND 14,406 billion, equivalent to 38.5% of the plan in 2023; pre-tax profit reached VND 1,014 billion, completing nearly 80% of the plan.

Industrial and real estate industry make an important contribution to GELEX’s growth

In 2022, GELEX is presented in the Top 50 most effective companies in Vietnam (voted by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine and Thien Viet Securities); Top 50 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam according to the VNR 500 ranking. GELEX is also honored to be in the Top 50 largest enterprises in Vietnam for 3 consecutive years (2020-2023).

Recently, Brand Finance – The world’s leading organization in brand valuation has announced that GELEX is ranked 50 out of 100 Most Valuable Brands in Vietnam in 2023, with the brand value of $96 million.

The attempt on building a happy working environment

Today’s results are thanks to the vision of the Group’s Board of Directors and the cooperation and contribution of 10,000 employees across the system.

With the mindset of taking human resources as the most valuable asset of the enterprise, GELEX has been implementing many different solutions to connect generations of employees and promote the value from multi-generational human resources. For example: Creating opportunities for learning and continuous development; Building the system of salary, bonus and remuneration in order to attract and retain personnel; Building an inclusive, open and sharing working environment; Especially, encouraging employees to have a work – life balance…

In August 2023, GELEX Group was voted as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023” by the leading Human Resources Magazine, HR Asia, next to multinational corporations and large enterprises in Vietnam.

GELEX is one of the best companies to work for in Asia in 2023

GELEX impressed the board of jury with the strength from multi-generational human resources, policies, remuneration, talent retention, environment, corporate culture… from a stature private corporation.

It can be said that the awards and honors are recognition and encouragement for the efforts of GELEX people throughout the system, affirming the internal strength and prestige of the GELEX Group.

Consistent with the goal of becoming the leading investment group in Vietnam, towards sustainable and effective development, GELEX has made positive contributions to the development of the economy in the context of general difficulties by creating jobs for thousands of workers, as well as being persistent with the mission for the community with practical actions.

GELEX’s current result is the crystallization of the value of more than a third of a century in building the culture and brand, imbued with the efforts and wisdom of generations, containing the trust and love of GELEX’s thousands system-wide people. That is the motivation for GELEX to keep conquering higher and further goals on a new journey.

Source: Nhandan