Jubilantly launching the internal football championship – Gelex Cup 2016

Following the success of last seasons, the internal football championship – GELEX CUP 2016 was re-launched in the enthusiastic support of all the member units. This is the annual movement, gradually becoming an unique cultural characteristic and a playground to connect more than 4,000 employees working for GELEX, nationwide.

On 30 October 2016, GELEX CUP was officially opened and qualifying rounds were organized. The qualifying rounds gathered exciting participation of more than 30 teams, divided into 3 groups to be held in three regions from the North to the South. At the end of the qualifying rounds, 8 teams were selected by the Board of Organization to enter the Finals, held in 2 days of 26-27 November at the stadium of Vietnam Football Federation – Hanoi. 8 teams then would be divided into two groups, competing against each other to pick out four teams into the Finals.

GELEX players greeting before the match

List of 8 teams into the finals

  1. Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company – THIBIDI
  3. Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation – CADIVI
  4. GELEX – CMB
  5. Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing Joint Stock Company
  6. Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC – HEM
  8. Electric Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. – EMIC

After 2 days of fierce competition, the best 3 teams were honored by GELEX CUP 2016. The Grand prize was offered to Gelex EMIC, the second prize and the third prize were given to THIBIDI and Gelex CMB, respectively. This season was recorded with the most spectacular football technique, players’ dedication and admirable teamwork spirit from the teams and team supporters. “This is not just a playground for the employees – the fans of the King sport, developing fitness movement, but also a bridge, connecting all Gelex employees”, shared at the ceremony by Mr. Le Trung Lam- Chairman of GELEX Trade Union.

The Champion _GELEX EMIC

The Second Prize _ THIBIDI

The Third Prize _ GELEX CMB

The successful ending of GELEX CUP 2016 was recorded with the echo of victory, the happiness of the nationwide Gelex employee meeting. Gelex employees expect the following successful season in 2017, where all members can work, play and devote because of a pride, so- called asGelex.

Gelex employees at GELEX GELEX CUP 2016 Dinner Gala

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