Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (GELEX): The sign of reputation

Production lines of Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC

This period is recorded with the emulation movements launched by the Corporation to promote the role of gathering and motivating workers and employees to overcome difficulties and successfully complete assigned tasks, making great contribution to help GELEX successfully maintain its growth rate and profit.

In order to follow the Uncle Ho’s teaching “Emulation is patriotism, patriotism requires emulation”, the local Party committee and the Trade Union of the Corporation have enhanced their leadership and directed the emulation and reward program to continue to innovate and promote the patriotic emulation movements launched by the Corporation, strictly adhering to the guideline “Study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example”, meanwhile, timely recognized good examples from individuals and groups. The Emulation and Reward Board of the Corporation and units regularly monitor and speed up the emulation and reward fulfillment, while recommend and advise the concerned levels to reward individuals and groups having the outstanding achievements in the emulation movements.

Determining the emulation and reward as a driving force to motivate all workers and employees to be creative and exert themselves to overcome all difficulties to successfully launch the units’ key programs, GELEX has grasped thoroughly the policy of the Party and the State on emulation and reward. The emulation movement is launched every year with appropriate criteria suitable to the situation and the core missions, according to the “Prestige-based power” motto. With the high determination of striving to complete assigned plans, all member units actively response to the emulation movements launched by the Corporation, Party members and the Trade Union of the Corporation. The emulation movements are carried out to enhance the production and business performance by improving labor productivity, product quality and brand reputation; minimizing costs; expanding domestic markets, and enhancing export. The Corporation’s emulation movements are maintained regularly and continuously with diverse and practical forms, which are suitable with the situation and characteristics of the Corporation’s production and business, such as: Outperforming the emulation movement in saving, well controlling production costs, reducing product price, improving the product competitiveness; and implementing the practical technical initiative promotion.

It can be said that the patriotic emulation movement and the emulation and reward for the last 5 years of GELEX have been recorded with the excellent achievements. Emulation movements become very practical and relatively close to the main political tasks; their contents and forms are very diverse. Officers, employees and workers welcome and response to the emulation movement positively, facilitating to fulfill the assigned business plan.

Over 30 years of ceaseless effort on construction and development, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (GELEX) has gradually claimed itself as the most powerful enterprise in domestic electrical equipment industry with 6 subsidiaries, 3 affiliates and 01 foreign joint venture. Taking emulation as a motivation, GELEX’s workers and employees always unite together to overcome difficulties, put effort on production, and successfully fulfill the assigned tasks. Thanks to the outstanding achievements in production and business, GELEX honorably received the Third Class Labor Medal (993); Second Class Labor Medal (1998); First Class Labor Medal (2002); and Government’s Emulation Flag consecutively ( 2010-2014).

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