Warning of Cryptocurrency scam

Dear Sir/Madam,

In recent times, GELEX has received feedback from some individuals about online scams inviting/persuading them to use the virtual currency investment app named BITTREX, which used the GELEX logo and images of the Company’s seal and signature to forge GELEX’s indemnity insurance commitment for investors investing in virtual currency on the BITTREX app.

Gelex hereby affirms that: GELEX does not participate in, enter into, and is not involved in any indemnity insurance for investors investing in the virtual currency named BITTREX as well as all other virtual currency investment products.

All images, names, Logos as well as seals and signatures of GELEX on investment insurance commitment documents on virtual currency investment apps and websites are forged in order to take advantage of GELEX brand reputation to defraud, and appropriate others’ property.

GELEX hereby alerts that all of You – Investors – should be vigilant and cautious when receiving unofficial informationfrom unclear sources to avoid loss of money and property. In case of being scammed, You should immediately report to the police for investigation and handling in accordance with the provisions of law.

Your Sincerely!